FIRE Survey 2021 - miscellaneous
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Trading Platform

Completion rate: 100%

I'm surprised again by the amount of people who are still using CBA and NAB etc. For buy and hold investors, I don't think you need any of the extra bells and whistles they offer tbh. And for those wondering, I use Pearler 😊.

Financial Planner

Completion rate: 100%

This really speaks to the financial planning industry to be honest.

There's such a strong sentiment amongst the community that paying for financial advice is riddled with traps and deception. It's kind of crazy that we save and invest so much money but don't see the value in speaking to a professional for financial advice. I know people who have felt ripped off after receiving a statement of advice and if I'm being honest, in the situation I personally saw I would have too.

For the record, I pay thousands of dollars to my accountant for financial planning/modelling. I'm not sure what the solution is for this one because financial planners should be the go to professionals that people trust and definitely not randoms on the internet!

Financial Planner worth it?

Completion rate: 15.64%

Again, it's simply unacceptable that 47% of people who did see a financial planner said it was not worth it.

Side Hustle

Completion rate: 100%

Credit cards, online business and matched betting take out the most popular side hustles within the community.

Debt Recycling

Completion rate: 98.38%

Thornhill punching the air after seeing these stats 😂.

Why are you pursuing FIRE?

Completion rate: 91.99%

In the words of the great William Wallace... FREEEEEEEDOM!