FIRE Survey 2021 - super
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Completion rate: 98.61%

The bulk of respondents Super balance fell between $20K - $200K.

Relying on Super?

Completion rate: 99.69%

More than half of the community won't be relying on Super to reached financial independence. I find this to be both great and terrible at the same time. Great in that a lot of us are sorting it out before hitting our preservation age, but terrible for the fact that Super is such a great low tax vehicle to build wealth. I've said this many times but I really wish there was a way for financially responsible people to access Super before the preservation age.

Do you max out Super?

Completion rate: 99.77%

These results make sense considering that the majority of the community isn't relying on Super.


Completion rate: 100%

94% don't run a SMSF...


Completion rate: 100%

We call this the Barefoot affect.

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